Remedis For Life As Per Zodiac Sign

The Saawan period [July-August] has its own significance in offering prayers and worshiping Lord Shiva. Worshipping daily during this period has very beneficial results. For those who cannot worship daily, the Mondays of this period should be spared for worshipping, keeping fast and make offerings to the Lord. On this day offering Lord Shiva’s favourite Oleander [Kanaer] flowers, Wood Apple leaves [Bail Patra] ,Shami leaves , and Mol sari pleases Lord Shiva. Shami leaves are the most important offering in the entire ritual. Offering a ripe mango has a special significance and is considered very auspicious. All offerings made on the Shivling should not be consumed.

Lord Shiva is very humble and is pleased very easily – his devotees are never troubled or have the fear of obstacles; they are smoothly removed by his benevolent gaze. Especially when prayed to during the period of Saawan, the devotees are blessed with his benevolence and the fulfillment of their wishes.

Here we are telling you the procedure of worshipping Lord Shiva, as conducive to your Zodiac sign.

1. ARIES : offer raw milk, mixed with honey and also red flowers .Smear the Shivling with red sandalwood paste and chant – ‘NAGESHWARAYE NAMAH’ – success shall be achieved in all endeavors.

2. TAURUS : Offering curds on the Shivling gives beneficial results. Financial issues are sorted .Recite the ‘Rudrashtakar’ chapter and offer Jasmine flowers; Bail Patras [leaves of the Wood apple tree] should also be offered while chanting the ‘Rudrashtakar’, the fulfillment of wishes are speeded.

3. GEMINI : All wishes are fulfilled if the Gemini person offers sugarcane juice on the Shivling for the complete Saawan period .Opium and Thorn apple shall speeden up the fulfillment of desires.

4. CANCER : offer opium+sugar+sugar-candy mixed in milk on the Shivling along with the flowers of ‘AANKADE’ and recite the ‘Rudrashtadhayi’ – all desires shall be fulfilled.

5. LEO : offer water with red sandal wood powder dissolved in it – offer flowers of the red Oleander [KANER] and recite the ‘Shiva Chalisa’ – shall help in fulfilling the wishes of the Leos.

6. VIRGO : They should offer water mixed with Opium [Bhang/vijya] on the Shivling – it shall rid the devotee of any disease ; Virgos should also offer wood-apple leaves , thorn-apple , opium[bhang] etc on the Shivling and recite the ‘Panchaakshari’ mantra.

7. LIBRA : should offer clarified butter [ghee] made of cow’s milk and itra[perfume] or milk mixed with sugar-candy ,on the Shivling .They should also offer any sweet meat which has Saffron mixed in it – they should recite the ‘Sahastranaam’ [1000 names] of Lord Shiva.

8. SCORPIO : Offer water mixed with Honey on the Shivling – it is considered to speeden up the fulfillment of the desires of Scorpions – if honey is not available ,sugar can be used, Offer red roses and ‘bail patra’ [leaves of the wood-apple] on the Shivling and Kheer [sweet porridge of rice and milk] also to the Shivling.

9. SAGITTARIUS: should offer saffron dissolved in milk on the Shivling; Recite the ‘Shiva Panchaakshari Strot’.Offer yellow flowers and serve Kheer [milk and rice porridge] to Lord Shiva and all other members. Recite the ‘Shivashtak’ mantra.

10. CAPRICORN : offer Sesame Oil [Til Oil] on the Shivling you shall attain success in your endeavors. Offer Bail Patra [leaves of the wood-apple tree], Dhatura [thorn-apple] Flowers, Opium [Bhang] ,and the ‘Ashta gandh’ and chant ‘PARVATINATHAYE NAMAH’.

11. AQUARIUS : for the entire duration of the Saawan period [July-August] ,Capricornians should offer coconut water ,sugarcane juice, mustard oil on the Shivling and recite the ‘Shivashtak mantra’ – they shall be blessed with financial gains.

12. PISCES : Dissolve Saffron in water and offer it on the Shivling – Offer ‘Panchamrit’ [dry fruits/milk/curd/sugar concoction], curds, milk , yellow flowers and chant the ‘Shiva Panchaakshari mantra’ 108 times with a sandalwood rosary.

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