A ‘Peepal Tree ‘ should never be planted in the house – the ‘Shastras’ advise that even the shadow of the Peepal tree should not fall on any house – and if it does ,it is advisable to leave / vacate that house .A Peepal tree should always be planted in a park /public place and should be served and watered with dedication.

The ‘Brihadsamhita’ [The Grand Compilation],states, that is not advisable to grow/plant, trees/plants that secrete milk ,when the branch or leaf is broken – it has adverse effects on the financial status of the person – in the same way .plants with thorns and prickly leaves should also not be planted in the vicinity or the entrance of the house –they promote enmity and the prickly points pervade negative energy – the exception is a rose plant which can be grown in the garden.

Bonsai plants, should never be placed at any place in the house – neither should they be readied in the house or brought from outside and kept in the house. They stop the natural progress pattern of the family members / residents of the house.

Many people plant a Mango tree sometimes out of wish, sometimes it is already there – but on should never have a Mango tree in the vicinity of the house – if it is already there and nothing can be done to remove it, the best way is to plant any auspicious tree alongside – like – Ashok, Coconut, Neem etc.

According to the Vaastu laws, it is harmful to plant a Papaya Tree in the vicinity of the house. If it grows at any place by itself ,it is advisable to have it removed and planted at any other place – if it has grown big and old and has stopped flowering ,do not cut it , just pierce a hole in the trunk and fill it with ‘Heeng’ [Asafetida] – the tree shall wither away in due course – and do remember to plant an auspicious tree in its place.

A Wild-Berry Tree should never be grown / planted in the house – it is said that the residents of the house where a berry tree is planted shall always bear enmity with others and they shall always be under stress due to this enmity.

The Henna bush [Mehandi] ,Palaash ,Babool [Acacia],Aarandi etc are some varieties of plants that should never be grown inside the house premises – the wild acacia [Babool ] instigates a lot of disturbance and chaos in the household ; the Aarandi plant creates obstacles in every endeavor.

We should avoid plants / trees that secret milk ,are thorny and prickly and those that are fruit-bearing as they are harmful to the women and the children of the house – even the wood of these trees should not be used in any form in the house –it is believed that Peepal ,Kadamb , Banana, Wild Berries and Lemon trees are harmful and can also stop the expansion of the generation / lineage – if these plants /trees are growing in the house and nothing can be done to remove them ,make sure you plant auspicious trees alongside to negate their effects.

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