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Tribute to our Ancestors and Forefathers

This site is available in  both Hindi and English and entire text materials are given in both languages. There will be two part of videos section on profile page of the departed soul in which one you can put video of the departed soul and on the next you put the divine (divya) and mythological (pauranik) places. This video will be dedicated (shradhaanjali) to the departed soul and a strip will be running to bless you.

You can update the any information in both Hindi and English language.You can also express your view, thoughts and blessing to every human being and about the site, You can also write your experiences and memories about the departed soul.

You can give your blessing to any people in this world thorough this site and god will give you more peace and happiness ,you can take oath over here which will not only give you peace infact it will help whole world which is very important to make this world more beautiful.

So friends please log on www.memorymuseum.net and discharge your most important duty of life and get enjoyment and peace. Believe us, by visiting this site will be a most memorable occasion and experience of your life.

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Tribute to our Ancestors and Forefathers
Tribute to our Ancestors Forefather

Do our responsibilities and commitments end as soon as our loved ones r heaven–bound? R v to just push their memories into oblivion? Or, should we strive to immortalize them & their memories? If yes, then this site helps in enshrining the name, fame and memories of the departed loved ones. for ages to come.

Tribute to our Ancestors and Forefathers
Tribute to Ancestors

Friends if you feel that you have any obligation towards your ancestors and wish to immortalize their memories…..visit www.memorymuseum …it is the perfect site to enshrine such desires.