In the Hindu religion ,much importance has been given to the Peepal Tree – according to the Shastras, this tree is the abode of the gods and our ancestors ; Lord Krishna ,in the ‘Gita’ says that amongst the trees ,he, is the Peepal Tree. It is said that there is no other savior greater than or as helpful as the Peepal Tree; when you are surrounded by worries and are left with no option, when all the doors and hopes are lost then it is time that you should go ti the Peepal tree for help – it shall definitely get you out of your troubles; make offerings and pray to it for help –it shall surely see you out of the doldrums.

Tips of Pipal Tree In astrology, numerous tips and remedies are available, pertaining to the Peepal tree and have proved beneficial to those who have tried them. They are successful in removing the malefic effects of the unfavorable planets. It also has remedies that can be performed irrespective of one’s zodiac sign. It does not require the studying of the horoscope – the amazing tips can fulfill your desires much sooner than you can imagine.

* Every person is advised to plant one Peepal tree in his lifetime – he shall be immune to the difficulties that could trouble, his otherwise smooth life. With the exception of Sundays, the Peepal plant should be watered regularly. As the plant grows bigger, your success and prosperity shall also grow in tandem .Once the Peepal plant is planted, proper, regular care is a must. It should be borne in mind that the tree should be planted away from the house – even the shadow of the plant/tree should not fall on the house.

* By watering the tree, daily, the malefic effects of the unfavorable planets is reduced and ultimately nullified. Circumbulating the Peepal tree rids a person of the malefic effects of the ‘Kaal Sarpyog’ also.

* It is believed that any person who establishes a ‘Shivling’ under a Peepal tree is freed from all the troubles that could have trespassed, into his life –once a ‘Shivling’ has been established under the Peepal tree ,it should be prayed and obeisance should be offered ,daily. The devotee shall be party to all materialistic happiness and objects, in his life.

* Amazing results can be reached by reciting the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’, sitting under the Peepal tree – but this should not be done on a Sunday.

* Sitting under a Peepal tree, take eleven leaves of the Peepal tree and write “Shri Ram’ on them, with sandal paste – then offer these 11 leaves on the idol of Lord Hanuman – all obstacles and hindrances shall be removed.

* To nullify the seven and a half year period, and the two and a half year period of the planet Saturn and removing the malefic effects of the other unfavorable planets, one should offer, on every Saturday – jaggery, water mixed with raw milk,’dhoop’ and incense and circumbulate the tree seven times and in the evenings light a mustard oil lamp – the invisible powers of the tree shall always help the devotee.

* For improvements on the business front –On a Saturday, take a Peepal leaf and make a ‘swastika’ sign on it with sandal wood paste and keep it under the seat – repeat this every Saturday, for 7 Saturdays and on the eighth Saturday, collect all these 7 leaves, and drop them off at a secluded spot, and in your mind ,repeat your wish for prosperity and growth – very soon ,you shall see your business growing and prospering.

* Chronic illness and diseases can also be nullified and improvement noticed, by the use of Peepal leaves; apart from watering the tree daily, a patient should touch the root of the tree with his left hand and pray for an early riddance of his health issues. He shall notice that the efficacy of his medicines has greatly increased and he is getting much more benefit from the dosage.

* For any chronic illness which refuses to die down – the patient should keep a Peepal leaf under his pillow and he shall see a marked improvement in his health.

* For those couples who wish for a child but are unable to conceive - every morning, take a Peepal leaf and dip it in water, for at least an hour – then they should take out the leaf and keep it under a tree and both the husband and wife, should drink the remaining water – very soon ,they shall have their wish of parenthood, fulfilled. They should do this for at least 2-3 months.

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