The Basil /Tulsi plant has a significant place in the Hindu religion and faith – the Tulsi plant is considered the most revered and sanctified of the plants, as dictated by the scriptures. As the Tulsi is the favorite of Lord Vishnu, it is believed that in whichever home, the Tulsi plant is respected and prayed, Goddess Lakshmi [Vishnu’s consort] shall always be present and her grace shall always inhabit the house.

Tips of basilMaybe, that’s the reason, why the Tulsi plant is found, in almost all homes, of believers of the Hindu faith. It is believed to be the embodiment, of Goddess Lakshmi and is also known as Vrinda and it is because of this relation that the marriage of ‘Shaligram’ [form of Lord Vishnu] and ‘Tulsi’ [form of Goddess Lakshmi] is most revered, and is considered a panacea for peace and prosperity. Apart from Godly benefits, any house that has, the Tulsi plant is benefited medicinally also, by its intrinsic medicinal properties. If we keep in mind, very minute points related to Tulsi – we can undoubtedly have larger benefits, and the grace of Goddess Lakshmi. Here we are telling you exactly that – tips that will not only keep you healthy but at the same time, wealthy, too.

* The months of ‘Ashad’[June-July] and ‘Jeyshth’[May-June] are significantly important for planting a Tulsi , as per the scriptures, but it can be planted on any auspicious date , in the brighter lunar fortnight [Shukla Paksh],Poornima [full moon night] or the eleventh day of the month of the brighter fortnight .It is appropriate to take a sapling, from either a temple, or from a place, where it is worshipped regularly ;it can also be bought from the market and planted.

* A Tulsi plant should be sanctified and planted exactly as we would sanctify and establish an idol of any deity. The place where the plant is to be planted should be washed with ‘Gangajal’ and the soil in the pot should be clean and free of debris or any other material – After planting ,offer water, itra[perfume],flowers, fruits and cover it with a ‘chunri ’[red cloth with golden embroidery] ,and yellow ‘kalawa’[sacred thread] and then offer sweet-meats to the sapling; after that a married woman ,whose husband is still alive should offer a continuous stream of water and milk all around the plant and then bow before the plant. This shall ensure prosperity and the beneficial gaze of the Tulsi plant on that household.

* Tulsi should be placed at the entrance of the house, at an elevated spot – it saves the house and the members from the ‘evil-eye’ and also bars the entry of any ill-effects. It can also be kept, in the inner courtyard of the house; only thing to be kept in mind is, that it should be on an elevated level – not on ground level.

* There should be no dirt or garbage, around the Tulsi plant. The area should be cleaned regularly, just like we clean our houses.

* Except Sundays, the plant should be watered daily – it gives a positive ambience to the house and promotes goodwill, amongst the members of the house.

* The leaves of the plant should not be plucked unnecessarily – it is sinful; the plant should not be touched or leaves plucked, without having a bath, on a Sunday and in the evening time - women who are having their menstrual periods should also not touch Tulsi, during the monthly cycle.

* Irrigating the Tulsi plant with milk, every Thursday morning, ensures the beneficial gaze of Goddess Lakshmi on the house.

* The house where a lamp is lighted near the Tulsi plant every evening shall never have any monetary, or otherwise problems.

* In the house, where Lord Vishnu is offered the Tulsi leaf daily and special prayers are performed every Thursday and on the eleventh day of the month, that house shall never have any financial problems and prosperity shall reign.

* Plant a Tulsi plant in one pot and a ‘Dhatura’ plant in another pot – after having a bath ,every day in the morning ,offer water to both the plants – the blessings of the Tridev –Bramha ,Vishnu and Mahesh shall be bestowed on the individual. –‘Dhatura’ [thorn –apple] is the site of Lord Shiva.

* The leaves of the Tulsi plant are very sacred and pristine and a remover of impurities – that is the reason, that during a solar or lunar eclipse, Tulsi leaves are added to food items, to keep away any germs.

* According to our scriptures ,a Tulsi leaf is placed in the mouth of a dead person – it is believed that it leads to freedom, from the cycle of birth and rebirth and the person attains ‘Moksha’.

* If you feel that you are not getting the desired success in your business – on any Thursday , pluck the weeds growing around a black [shyama] Tulsi, tie it in a yellow cloth and keep it at your place of business in a clean place - very soon, you shall see the business picking up.

* Bring home the roots of a Tulsi plant, on any auspicious day/time - preferably on a Sunday or Thursday in the ‘Pushya Nakshatra’ – wash them with Gangajal - light a lamp and incense stick and rotate it around the roots – apply vermillion on your forehead – tie the roots in a yellow cloth and tie this small bundle on your right arm – it shall brighten the glow of your aura – bring success in your endeavors and you shall receive the support of officials and seniors.

* For adamant and stubborn children, except Sundays, pluck three Tulsi leaves and give them to the child, to eat – ensure the plant is kept on any window in the eastern section of the house - gradually the stubbornness and adamant behavior will be softened.

* If the marriage of a daughter is getting delayed, keep a Tulsi plant in the South-East corner of the house and the girl, should water the plant daily – chances of an early marriage shall be brightened.

* Keeping the Tulsi plant near the kitchen, promotes love and affection amongst the family members.

* When house-warming, one should enter the new house with a Tulsi plant, a picture of a God, ‘Gaumutra’ [Cow Urine], Gangajal and a pitcher of water – this ensures peace and prosperity and a peaceful ambience in the house. The house is never bereft of wealth.

* Before leaving the house, gazing upon the Tulsi is very auspicious and is an invitation to success.

* Eating curd and sugar with Tulsi leaves is very beneficial, and eating this concoction before leaving the house, ensures success and trouble free endeavors.

* Reciting the eight names of Tulsi every morning when offering water, ensures success and removes all obstacles and hurdles – the eight names are – Vrinda , Vrindavani , Vishwa Pujita , Vishwa Paavni , Pushpsara , Nandini , Tulsi and Krishna Jeevni.

* Eating Tulsi leaves is very virtuous and beneficial – but never chew the leaves, between the teeth.

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