Auspicious/ Beneficial spots for placing the Lockers / Vaults/ Almirahs in the house/Business Place. [Remedies and Tips.]

Many a times ,inspite of our hard labor ,excellent opportunities and dedication ,equivalent success ,eludes us – we do earn money but it does not stay - it is not permanent – it comes and it goes – maybe, the reason is, that our placement of the vaults /lockers at home /work places is not in tune with the specified spots for placing the vaults/lockers /almirahs.

Locker Tips Yes ,it is quite possible that due to the wrong placements, we are suffering from financial difficulties – every house /family has a vault / locker/almirah, to keep important documents ,money and valuables – if we follow simple tips regarding their placing ,financial troubles can be a thing of the past – In any house/work place ,the Northern portion, is the house of Kuber –

we should place, the almirah /vault/locker, in this section of the house / work place ; for keeping valuables and money , the section should be in the middle or the upper section of the almirah; Lockers kept in the North-East section of the house, will always spell financial trouble. Lockers in the south-east section, will also invite

Tijori Tipsunwanted expenditure – The south-west section, invites sudden, unplanned expenses, ---If the almirah is kept in the north-west direction, the household can never have financial stability.

* In the locker room, the locker should never be kept, sticking to the wall – it should be at least an inch, away from the wall – the wall should be the southern wall of the room, and it should never be the south-east or the south-west corners of the room. The door of the almirah should open to the northern side of the room.

* The locker room should have a single point of entry and exit, in the Northern or eastern side of the room; there should be no opening on the south-east, south-west or the north-west directions, and if, by chance, there is any opening, it should be kept closed

* The almirah should never be kept, directly in front of the door - it should be at a deviation from the front, northern door. The room should either be square shaped or in proportionate sides, at right angles and its ceiling height, should be equal to the ceiling height of the other rooms – the entrance of the room, should have a riser – it is very auspicious.

* Never put / hang an image /photograph/picture of any deity ,in front of the almirah .If desired ,the pictures can be put/hung, on the eastern or the western wall.

* The almirah should have a stand or wheels –the base, should not be in direct contact with the floor – a almirah without a stand, shall never have a steady , permanent inflow of money.

* Never keep perfumes, itra or any sweet smelling liquid, inside the almirah.

* The almirah should always be kept on even grounds – never place the almirah / locker on an uneven surface. It should never be leaning to any specific direction – it should be absolutely erect and for that, if required, supports, made of wood, should be used - , never use supports made of stone/bricks.

* The almirah should never be burdened with unwanted waste – like clothes, utensils, old books, newspaper, any item, made of iron – if there is any kind of a load on the almirah, it should be removed immediately.

* Pale yellow is a highly recommended shade, to be used on the walls of the locker room. One should never use Black, Red or Blue colors for the room. Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are auspicious days for establishing, the almirah in the room ; the recommended moon planets are – Shravan , Ghanistha, Swati ,Punarvasu,Shatbhisha,Uttara,Rohini – lockers can be established when these planets are in the lunar path – establishing the lockers as above shall maintain a steady flow of wealth.

* Spreading a red colored cloth inside the almirah is very auspicious – Offering obeisance and lighting a incense stick is mandatory, on a daily basis – on special days like – Pushya Nakshatra, Navratri, Dhanteras, Deepawali etc – a ritual prayers ceremony, should be carried out, of the locker / almirah. In ‘Margsheersh’ [the ninth month, of the Hindu calendar] ,every Thursday and Friday ,ritual offerings and prayers should be carried out of the almirah.

* Auspicious instruments [Yantras] like Shri Yantra , Vyapar Vridhi Yantra , Mahalakshmi Yantra , Beesa Yantra or pair of Hattha covered in a red cloth and laid on a silver platter and kept in the almirah, brings beneficial results.

* Litigation papers should never be kept alongside of the valuables or money in the almirah – money shall be wasted on unfruitful issues.

* Never keep pointed object like, knives, all-pins, needles, and scissors, inside the almirah – wasteful expenditure shall drain all resources.

* Every Tuesday and Saturday, light a earthen lamp with pure ghee [clarified butter] and an intact clove, and place it in front of the almirah – if there is no place to keep the lamp in front of the almirah, perform an ‘aarti’ of the almirah and keep the lamp in the temple /prayer room- this saves your wealth from any ones ‘evil eye’ and a constant inflow of money is also assured.

* As far as possible ,do not touch the almirah with soiled , dirty hands or without having taken a bath ; also if convenient and possible ,always take off your shoes /slippers .before touching the almirah.

* Affix a mirror on the inside of the door of the almirah –so that when you open the almirah, the inside is reflected on the mirror – this helps in the accumulation of wealth.

* Never place the almirah under a beam and ensure there are no cob-webs anywhere on or near the almirah.

* These are very simple and easy to do tips, which we can follow, and see the benefits for ourselves.

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