St.Mary's Forane Church Chirthalla Kuttam

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This historical church is situated in  Kerala in the Elapuja district at the Chirthalla place. , which also is known by the name os ‘Chirthala Muttam Saint Merry Ferrona Church’. This church was built in the memory of the mother of Jesus Christ . At the ancient time this place was the main trade center of the kerela this city was establised by jews people. It is the myth that Saint Thomas  came to kerala at first time to propagate Christianity and he established seven church in Kerala. There after as the faith of the people increase in Christianity they built many church at different places. The church was built in chirthalla is one of them. This church was built in 1023 century and in the portugese style. The statues of Mother Merry and amalot bhav was import from france and established here. In this statue we can see the form of loving mother.

St. Merry Muttam church is one of the selected church of Mother Merry in the whole world , where the people of all religion  come to pray , it is the myth that the statue of Mother Amlolbhav which is establish in this church , fulfill all desire of their devotees  and  reduce their problems. Here people of every religion  come to take the blessing of Mother Merry from the beginning of any new work. The people has feel that Mother Merry is the medium to reach every wish of the people to the jesus Christ.

Mother Merry is known as  the God of humanity. Peoples  said that Mother Merry is our mother,  and she is a link between the Jesus and human beings. People  also say that as mother kept care  of their child , same as Mother Merry cares for the people .  Mother Merry is also said vargin merry. Their birthday is celebrated on 8th dec so in the muttam church the first Sunday which came after the 8th dec birthday of Mother Merry celebrated with full  devotion and joy. This day march will proceed with the statue of Mother Merry and lord jesus Christ. In which people of not only Christianity but all the religion participate and pray to Mother Merry to fulfill their desire.