Mahavir ji of Karauli

Kaurauli templeKaurauli templeKaurauli temple Kaurauli temple Kaurauli temple Kaurauli temple Kaurauli temple Kaurauli temple Kaurauli temple Kaurauli temple
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The temple of Mahavir Swami the 24th thirathankar is situated in the  Karauli district of  Rajsthan, this  is very grand and sacred  temple. The people of every religion has believe on this temple. Here not only jain follwers but the people of every religion  come from the every corner of world .  Every year on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti a huge fair is held here which is totally full crowded from devotees . The community of gujjars and mina of rajasthan has special belief on him. This fair is considered a very important event of Rajsthan tourism.

Here  lord Mahavir is known by the name of ‘Tile Wale Baba’, Its to be said that almost 400 year ago this village is known as Chandanpur .  Ones a gwala (milk man) dreamed that he should have excavated the mound ,after this the milkman dig that place and he get the statue of 24th Tirathankar  Mahavir ji. He  established this statue at the same place, from that time it is said the Mahavir ji.

Every year at the time of Mahavir jayanti here is organize a big  five day’s fair on the date of 13th chaitra shukl to 2nd of BaishakKrishna .In this fair the statue of  Mahavir ji bought on chariot at the bank of river Gambhir where prayer & consecration of him is organised  Lots of people participated in this chariot journey. They consistently  do dance and sing hymns and the atmosphere becomes very devotional.

Here beside of the main temple of  Mahavir ji, three other Jain tample is located .  Under the main temple there is hundreds of diamonds statues are establish here . Near the main temple A beautifull glass temple  is also very scenic. There is  many written record and other digging things are kept in the museum here . There is ancient texts , books , script and manuscripts on the culture & religion of jain, are also kept in the library here.