Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib

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Shri Huzur Avachal Nagar Sahab is situated in the Nanded district of Maharashtra. This religious place of Sikhs is linked with last days of Sikhs 10th Guru, Shri Guru Govind Singh and it is also known as the five Takht Sahiban of Sikhs. This place is not only in India but also famous is all over the world . When Guru Govind Singh’s parents and his four sons was sacrificed their life in the name of religion and country there after he went to the Nanded city, situated at the bank of Godavari river. Here Guru Ji showed his many activities. He was showed the prayer place of his Teachers to play the arrow from Nagina Ghat, This arrow was touched the mosque, where you dig 2 ½ feet and showed the aasan of age of truth, Karmandal, Sleepers (i.e.Khadav) and Garlands. The price of that place was given to the Muslim landlord to covered that place by gold coins. There after he will showed new activities daily. The diwal will decorated and all around created a religious and joyful atmosphere. After the attack of the soilders of Nawab Wazir Khan, When Guru Sachkhand was going from there, than people of that place was worried than for the benefit of peoples, religion and for the way of truth, on 4th October 1708 tribute a coconut and 5 paise to Shri Guru Granth Sahib with devotion and did a rotation to attach the Sikh society to Shri Guru Granth Sahib and tribute the seat of Guru to Guru Granth Sahib and this holy religious is named Avachal City. There after Samvat 1765 on the day of Kartik Sudi Panchami Shri Guru Govind Singh Ji passed away.

Guruparv, Baishaki, Hola Mohalla, Dusshera and Diwali etc festivals are celebrated here with full of joy. There is lots of numbers of Sikhs and the people of other religion has come here and bowed their heads. On 30th October, 2008 it has completed 300 years of light of Guru Granth Sahib here is celebrated a huge Guruta Gaddi Diwas, Millions of people from India and all over the World has come here, actually this place is known to be main religious place of Sikhs and the every member of Sikh society want to come here to bent his head once his life.