Hindu literature also states that, "Shradh" work is very important and compulsory duty of human being in the "Pitra-Paksh". Our forefathers visit their family members so sandal, milk, barley, flowers, til, etc, should be mixed with water to pay tribute to our ancestors.  "Tarpan" is done on a particular date when our ancestors died. Those who do not remember the death date of their Ancestors, they can do "Shradh" on "Aswhin Krishna-Paksh Amavasya" means "Sarva-Pitra Moksh Amavasya", so that their Ancestors will achieve salvation. On the ninth date of "Pitra-Paksha" which is called "Matra-Navmi", "Shradh" are for the married women.

So if it is possible, offer prayer to your Ancestors with rice, sweet, sandal, barley, til, flowers and water daily during the "Pitra-Paksh".

It is told that, during the "Pitra-Paksh" we recite the name of our Ancestors and whatever we tribute to them, they get that according to the "Yoni" they are in. If, they are in "Pitra-Yoni" then it is in the form of "Micro-Liquid", in "Heaven" it is in the form of "Amrit", in the "Gandharav-Lok" it is in the form of "Bogh", in "Animal-Yoni" it is in the form of "Fodder", in the  "Sarp-Yoni" it is in the form of "Air", in "Yaksha-Yoni" it is in the form of "Water", in "Devil-Yoni" it is in the form of "Meet", in "Evil Spirit-Yoni" it is in the form of "Blood", and when the "Pitra" are in the "Human-Yoni" they get it as food and money.

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