In "Hindu" mythology it is a saying that, the man who has done "Shradh", get blessed with health, son, strength, prosperity and wealth. Therefore, the majority of "Hindus" conduct "Shradh".

In the earlier period, "Shradh" was popular in this country, people pay devotion to their ancestors, they did not cut beard, hairs, and did not use oil. They also avoid alcohol during "Shradh" and gave offerings and prayed all the time to Ancestors to do good things.

Gaya is the big place for "Pind-daan" for forefathers. It is a saying, that when we offer "Pind-daan" in Gaya, then we don’t need to do "Pind-daan" every year. It is also a saying that, Lord Shri Ram also went to gaya to do "Pind-daan" near "Falgu" river for his father king "Dashratha".

The word "Shradh" is drived from "Shraddha" which means Devotion. The work done with devotion is called "Shradh". The Question is - Whether we are getting benefit from "Shradh" or not?

The answer is "YES" the person who is performing "Shradh" gets a major share of the benefits and the forefathers received acute and because of this they feel a lot of strength, happiness and satisfaction. Its because every human soul is present in this world in any shape. We must pay devotion to our ancestors for their blessings at the time of "Shradh".

It is a myth that, at the time of "Shradh" our ancestors they are present there in a micro form and enjoy feast with the Brahmins in the form of air.  There is a story in "Mahabharta", that when Bhism offered Pind to his father Shantanu his right hand was present there accept the Pind.

According to "Ramayana" when Lord Shri Ram was in forest and doing "Shradh" of his father, "Dushratha", then Seeta cooked all the items,  but when the Brahmins were called for feast, she hide herself in her cottage. After the feast, Lord Shri Ram asked Seeta ji, that why did she hide herself and looked in trouble, then she  told that she saw father "Dashratha" among the Brahmins, and She always wore jewellery in front of him so how could he see her in the dirty and perspired clothes.

So, we have to realise that our ancestors present in any form  will be satisfied with our work done with gratitude. they will bless us. But if, we are not doing "Shradh" with gratitude, then for the whole year we will suffer from weakness, grief, restlessness and disappointment.

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