The Rishabdev Temple

Rishbhdev Temple Rishbhdev Temple Rishbhdev Temple Rishbhdev Temple Rishbhdev Temple Rishbhdev Temple
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Rishabdev was first jain tirathankers , this temple is established in  his name . This temple is ranked very  high in jain religion.Vaishnav is known that he was the eight form of lord Vishnu, this temple is situated 40km. far from Udaipur . This temple is related to jain Shwetaamblers and this temple is under the control  of Rajasthan Government.The statue of lord Rishabdev (Lord Adinath ) is established here,  he is known as the name of lord Kesariya, that’s why  the religious people of this place do the prayer of lord  with Kesar .The statue of lord Rishabdev was built from black stone, which is built to cut from one stone.  This statue is 3.5fit high and in the position of sitting and the hair of lord is  black in  colour and long from shoulders,  lord Rishabdev is in the black colour that’s why the religious people and tribal people called him Kaliya baba.

Once upon a time a person from Bhil tribal whos name  is Dhula  protected  the statue of Lord , So the city of lord Rishabdev is known of name of Dhulwa. The people of Bhil tribal has lots of  love and devotion for the lord Rishabdev.

This temple is situated near the “Koyal river” and it has special importance for the regional people .The statue of lord Rishabdev is very ancient and it is to said that all desires of the people are fulfill here. There is no correct information about the birth of  statue of lord Rishabdev but is to be said that it is too old .The regional people say  that this statue is from the Ravan’stime.It is also  said that Ravan has bought  with him this statue from Nandavan to Lanka and after the victory of Lanka lord Ram establist this statue at their place.This place has took special place because of temple of lord Rishabdev. There is a famous place of “Pagalia” is situated far from  2km of Rishabdev.there are  symbol of the feet of lord Rishabdev . The people  do  prayer with  full  devotion.The fare is organized here on the birthday of lord Rishabdev on the month of chaitre.where the people are collected from far away.