Saraswati Yantra

Saraswati Yantra

Remedies for Success in Examinations

21. Always study facing the North and wear a pyramid shaped cap / head dress helps in faster retention and learning.The cap can be made of chart paper ,cardboard or any thick cloth[ the cap should be upright].

22. Always step out of the house by placing the right foot-step first and also enter the exmination hall/class room by stepping in with the right foot first.

23. On the way to the examination centre ,offer halk a kg [500ml] of milk in a temple – this will help bolster your self-confidence level.

24. Never wear shoes /socks while studying at home.

25. Keeping fresh, tamarind leaves in the books helps sharpen ones memory and brain-power.

26. Adorning a ‘Ashtha Sarawati Yantra” [eight-faceted sarawati talisman] around ones neck also helps in the development of the brain / mind.

27. Keeping peacock feathers with one’s-self enhances the prestige and popularity of the student in his/her school / college.

28. Regularly, eating Basil leaves [Tulsi] grounded and mixed with sugar-candy [Mishri] helps in the development of the brain and memory power.

29. Granulate [do not powder] 125 grams of Almond [Badaam] and 125 grams of Anise [Saunf] and mix them well. Have approximately 12 grams of the mixture every night with water. This will help in enhancing the memory power and also keep the person bodily fit and strong and benefit the eye-sight too.

30. On a pre-decided auspicious timing adorn a ring with a ‘Red Hakik’ help in keeping the mind bright and strong and also enhances the persons decision taking power.

31. For ensuring success and excelling in studies for their children, parents should…on a Thursday….. during the full-moon fortnight …….take 2.25 meters of a yellow cloth , bundle up 2 kgs of gram lentils in that yellow cloth and offer it at a “Lakshmi Narayan” Temple [Temple of Lord Vishnu] and pray for the success of their child’s performance in studies…..they should continue doing this for 5 consecutive Thursdays….

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