There are numerous troubles and worries in the world; one of the most prevalent and troublesome is when someone casts an evil eye on you or your family member, or takes you or your family member under the influence of evil-eye .We have one time or the other experienced our grand -mothers using dry red chilly with its stalk intact, alum salt or a wick dipped in oil to negate the effects of the evil eye by circling the item over our heads and then discarding them. We also come across some houses who hang a black earthen pot of the façade or mothers who apply a black spot on their daughters or sons and more often than not, we come across trucks on the highways with a bold caption on the rear – “buri nazar walay tera mooh kaala” [you with an evil eye may you be shamed and insulted]. This issue of the evil eye is not only prevalent in the Hindu religion , but also has its place in Islam and Christianity; even in the western countries this is prevalent and believed and ‘touch wood’ is a common phrase we hear quite often. Christians also sometimes bring the holy water from the church and sprinkle it or feed it to the effected person.

In Islam ,the remedy is either placing an egg or the liver of an animal /bird on the centre of the cross road or fetch some ash of an incense stick from a ‘dargah ‘[holy place/holy grave]and keep it under the head rest of the effected person; sometimes it is also fed to the victim.

Being struck by an evil eye is quite a negative aspect and sometimes devastating so much so that the fate of the victim is reversed to the extent of his annihilation. If any person sees any one else’s progress or prosperity and makes or simply utters surprise with a feeling of jealousy, then the negative effects of that jealousy /words adversely affect the family /member; it is not only a jealous neighbor or relative sometimes it is the close ones also who may say something but with a tinge of surprise laced with negativity, that also has the same effect as an evil-eye although not so devastating. It is basically what is thought that arises laced with a tinge of jealousy or surprise edging on jealousy is commonly known as ‘evil-eye’. The evil-eye can affect both – children or adults alike. They may either fall sick or an atmosphere of chaos and dissatisfaction would prevail in the house , there may be a loss in the social status or unwanted legal issues may arise ; in short the peace and tranquility of the family / person is lost. Sometimes all remedies and efforts to make amends fail ,straining relations and being treated as an outcast in his own family and social circle.

It is often heard that people say that it seems some has cast an evil eye on you - when your efforts are visible to everyone but nor the results to compensate your efforts .It seems that someone has deliberately cast aspersions or an evil eye ,pushing you towards failure and disaster. The stress may cause ill health and wasteful expense on medication; the extent may be so wicked that the person may go into deep depression and loses all hopes in life and the will to live. There are certain remedies which can be done easily to ward off the adverse effects of the evil eye.

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