The lunar and solar cycles, decide the start and end of years and periods, in the Hindu Laws and religion. A year is divided into two parts based on the Sun’s cycle – UTTRAYAN and DAKSHINAYAN – The Shukla Paksh [the bright lunar fortnight], of the ‘Uttrayan’ period, is considered to be the most auspicious time, when the Gods are active and in contrast, during the ‘Krishna Paksh’ [dark fortnight of the lunar cycle] of the Dakshinayan period, demons and evil spirits and are more active.

Humble and pure gentlemen, never perform their prayers or other religious, auspicious ceremonies during nightfall – whereas, the not so humble and pure, shall do so in the cover of the darkness, of the nights.

According to the almanac, every month of thirty days is divided into two equal parts of 15 days each – the Shukla Paksh [bright fortnight] and the Krishna [dark fortnight] Paksh. The last day of the Shukla Paksh is called ‘Poornima’- when the Moon appears in its full, round shape. It is a very significant day for the Hindus – more often than not, a festival or a fast is observed on this day.

The Hindu Shastras observe ‘Poornima’, as the most favorite day, of Goddess Lakshmi. Praying and offerings made on this day to Goddess Lakshmi shall fulfill every desire and wish of the devotee .He shall never be wanting of anything, in his life.

* The Shastras say, that at approximately 10 AM, Goddess Lakshmi approaches and seats herself on a banyan tree – it is believed that on this day and at the specified time ,a devotee who after completing his daily chores offers a sweet meat and sweetened water and lights an incense stick under a Peepal Tree and prays to Goddess Lakshmi, to inhabit and stay at his house ,shall never have any financial difficulties in his life.

* On every Poornima, make the sign of ‘OM’ on the main entrance with turmeric paste.

* On every Poornima, prepare Kheer [sweet rice/milk porridge] and offer it to Goddess Lakshmi and distribute the ‘Prasad’ to all – shall open doors for wealth and prosperity.

* On every Poornima, tie a ‘Toran’ -garland made of mango leaves – hung on the doorways / entrance – it shall not only invite prosperity – but also open doors to auspiciouscity.

* To have a long and happy married life, one should not engage in a physical, sexual relation on a Poornima.

* On Poornima, one should not partake any edible item, which has hot, intrinsic properties [Tamas items].One should stay away from all vices and not speak ill or abuse any old man or woman.

* He is blessed, who on Poornima offers honey, raw milk, leaves of the thorn-apple tree [bail-patra] ,leaves of the shami tree [shami-patra] - to Lord Shiva receives his blessings and merciful gaze ; also offering white sandal paste and saffron on Lord Shiva removes chaos and ill-will in the house.

* Offering milk, to the Moon on Poornima, by either the husband or the wife or both, ensures a long and happy married life.

* Those facing financial crisis, should , at the time of moon-rise ,chant “OM SRANG,SRING,SRONG ,SAH CHANDRAMASAY NAMAH” and “OM AEING KLINGSOMAYE NAMAH “ – alternately and offer raw milk mixed with sugar and rice to the Moon – financial issues shall slowly ebb out .

* On Poornima ,offer 11 shells [kaudi] smeared with turmeric paste on Goddess Lakshmi – The next day collect these shells and tie them in a red cloth – and keep them in the locker/almirah– financial prosperity will soon follow; this process should be repeated ever Poornima.

* Actually, every Poornima has its importance but Kartik Poornima, Magh Poornima, Sharad Poornima, Guru Poornima, Budh Poornima are considered more significant.

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