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Remedies For Success in Business

Remedies For Success in Business

For 100% Success in Business Carrer and Fulfilling Desires, Follow the solutions given on this website ....establish the 'Vyapar Vradhi Yantra' and Welcome Success..

Tips/Remedies For Success in Business

Vyapar Vridhi Yantra

Vyapar vridhi yantra

For attaining Desired Success in Business

Some sure shot remedies for success in
Business/Profession/ Work place.
Notes :
These Proven Yantra have been established for the welfare of all beings, If you have any doubt in your mind, Or you do not believe in these devices, than you close this page, But do not ridicule and disrespect these Blest Yantra.

1. Take some red gulal powder on holi and wrap it in a red cloth. Keep this bundle in your Business place or your locker at home and experience continued profits and success. You will never be short of funds.

2. Every friday, distributing sweet jaggery with grams to devotees in Lakshminarain temple and offering fragrant incense and also lighting them at the feet of Maa Lakshmi , ensure continued progress and success at the workplace.

3. Whenever you are leaving your house to go to your workplace , always pray to your deity and wear a sweet perfume ,before leaving the house.

4. Burn camphor and red vermillion, collect the ash in a small piece of paper and make a small bundle . Keep this bundle in the cash box at the workplace or in the locker at home to ensure profits and financial gains.

5. At the time of leaving and returning from your workplace ,ensure that you touch the ground at the entrance of the workplace with your right hand and touch it to your forehead ,at the same time remembering your deity mentally ; by this you shall earn the bounties of the almighty .Your love and respect of your workplace shall earn you love and respect of the workplace by the blessings of the almighty….. [never let it cross your mind or be bothered what your fellow workers, colleagues or seniors would think of such acts.

6. If you are facing continued losses in business or obstacles in success in your workplace ,you are unable to get along with people around ,then ensure that you keep the broom out of sight of visitors at the workplace as well as at home…. very soon you will notice the change for the better.

7. Every household that lives with each other with love and harmony , such houses are bereft of misery and sorrows and are always prosperous and full of abundance.

8. Select a role model for yourself and hang a picture of his/her at your workplace. study the person deeply, his strengths, weaknesses, his reaction to a situation. Meditating deeply imagine yourself in his shoes. Make this a regular practice. After some time you shall notice a very obvious difference in your personality and outlook which shall pave your way to success.

9. To attain success in business and profession, always take out the first three chapattis and smear them with clarified butter [ghee] and sweeten them; offer these three chapattis to a cow ,a dog and a bird [preferably a crow] respectively. Every wednesday , feed a cow green vegetables and cattle-feed. Every friday, offering raw milk on the basil plant [tulsi ], bestows success and prosperity.

10. During dusk /evening it is very inauspicious to sleep , not lighting a lamp/incense at the place of worship, sweeping the floor, shouting and screaming in the house or cutting nails . All these act as deterrents to the entry of Maa Lakshmi in the house as such acts are despised by her. Such households are always short on money and despite their best efforts are unable to attain prosperity and happiness.


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अरविंद त्रिपाठी   


I am starting new business . what I must do my business success

Please tell me

am i unlucky? i changed many business . i got loss in every one . i made every remedies as you told .but no way no effect . my date of birth is 16/12/72 7.30 pm .plz send me some effective tips .
naresh kumar sharma  

I had quite gd while reading it

Mein eye hospital mein as a centre incharge hu but mujhe essa koi easily upay batao ki mere hospital mein Jayada patient aaye to mera one week target jaldi pura hi jaye

sbi csp or sbilife agency ka kam kar rohi hu ,likin atsi tarah se nhi ho raha.my DOB 26/11/1976

Byutiparlar ka kam h pr bilkul bhi accha ni chlta
Geeta choudhary  

Mera carriers kaisa he or business kaisa he date of birth 15-10-1995
(pintu (ganapat))

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Remedies For Success in Business

Success in Business

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