Remedies for All-Round Success

As a routine while leaving the house for work ,always have a teaspoon of sweet curd or anything sweet ,maybe even a pinch of sugar …….from your wife or mother……follow the daily routine as specified in the rituals [almanac] …… shall have all-round success in all your endeavors.

Given below are some short cuts, which if followed as per the day of the week they shall be a support to your endeavors and efforts and beget fortune and success.

1. On a Sunday eat a betel leaf or keep a betel leaf on your person.

2. On a Monday before leaving the house watch your reflection in a mirror.

3. On a Tuesday, leave the house only after having something sweet / Jaggery [Gur].

4. On a Wednesday leave the house only after having coriander [Dhania] leaves or dry coriander.

5. On a Thursday leave the house with some mustard seeds in your mouth.

6. On a Friday leave the house for work after having some curd.

7. On a Saturday leave the house after having ginger and clarified butter [ghee].

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