Remedies For Recovering Bad Debt


Many a times we give loans or help people monetarily; the person may require money for purchase or getting some work done or for any personal reason and we out of generosity help these people by providing them the required funds. Also sometimes we also keep our finances with someone for safe-keeping; but unfortunately sometimes we are unable to get back the money we had loaned or kept for safe-keeping. Also the work for which the money was paid is not completed and the money is also not returned; this not only creates stress and financial problems for the giver but also spoils the relations between the two parties – one who had given the money and the person who had taken the money or the intermediary who had initiated the deal. All ways and means to recover the amount fail and you are left under stress and depressed – under such circumstances you should put in your faith in the god Almighty and pray to him for the lost money with full dedication and piety.

In case you have given someone money and he refuses to return it then there is a simple remedy that you can perform – in the morning after having your bath, take a brass tumbler and add 11 seeds of red chilies and offer the water to Lord Surya chanting his mantra and asking his intervention to help you get back the money from the named person ;after that recite the’ Surya mantra’ – “OM ADITYAAYE NAMAH” for one full rosary [101time]; practice regularly.

In case your money is stuck with someone and although he has the capacity to return it but is not willfully returning it, take two pieces of ‘raja kauri’ [cob-shell], which will be available at any ‘pooja’ shop and throw them in front of the main door of the person’s house who owes you money – gradually his mind-set will change and he shall return your money soon. It should be borne in mind that this ritual should be done in utmost secrecy.

On any Wednesday, preferably during the darker fortnight [Krishna Paksh] and better still, if it happens to be moonless night – in the evening prepare five ‘poories] in any sweet oil and make a heap – on the top-most ‘poorie’ make a ‘swastika’ sign and pour some mustard oil over that ;then make a lamp of wheat flour dough and apply vermillion on this lamp also and offer yellow /red flowers on that ;during the entire process keep chanting the name of Lord Ganesha , requesting him to help you get back your money; take some black mustard seeds in your left hand along with ‘black lentils’, and with a pure heart, chant the below given mantra 21 times and at the end of every mantra , drop some black mustard seeds and black lentils on the heap of ‘poories’ and the lamp. The mantra is as follows;-



After that, the same night, take the entire heap and secretly place it in front of the main entrance of the debtor’s home; if that is not possible, keep it across the road in line with the main door / entrance of the house of the person who has not returned the money. If by chance you do not know the address or the place of residence of the person, then on a Saturday, visit a Hanuman temple where the idol is facing south; light a lamp with mustard oil and also add few mustard seeds, 2 cloves and a piece of camphor and recite the ‘Bajrang Baan’ mantra thrice and pray to Lord Hanuman asking him to help you regain your money from the money who is not returning it. After this smear a few drops of oil on a spoon and keep it over the flame to prepare mascara [kajal].

Then with a twig of the ‘Shami Tree’ ,write the name of the person who owes you money on a new cloth with the mascara [kajal] that you had prepared; make fine wicks of this cloth and make a lamp with wheat flour dough and fill it with sesame oil ;put these wicks in the lamp and light them and once again place the lamp in front of Lord Hanuman’s idol and recite the ‘Bajrang Baan’ mantra five times and pray to Lord Hanuman asking his intervention in getting back the money. This entire process should be repeated 21 times and even if you get back your money during the period, you should continue to do so for the prescribed period. Once you have got the money back, do not forget to offer sweets and coconut to the idol in the temple and distribute them as ‘Prasad’.

Another way is to prepare mascara [kajal] of camphor on a Friday ; then write the name of the person on a parchment paper plate [ ‘bhoj-patra’] ;tap the paper plate 7 times and repeat taking the person’s name that he returns your money; and then bury this piece of paper at an appropriate place ; .gradually your money will start coming back.

All these remedies are tried and tested and are fruitful; but it should be remembered that they should be performed in silence, utmost secrecy, faith and dedication and the most important thing is that patience should be maintained.

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