Once considered an affliction of old age, the current life style and eating habits has made it very common to find patients of arthritis in the age bracket of 45-50 years ; it is basically a disease that effects the joints and they are under constant pressure and pain and later reduction in their flexibility. The main cause is the increase in the level of Uric Acid in the system that starts depositing in our joints like knees, elbows, ankles etc; the pain increases during night time and in the morning the flexibility of the joints is compromised and the patient fells stiffness all over his joints. One should take immediate remedial action on the onset of its symptoms before the condition worsens and the movement of the patient becomes very painful. We are giving here some helpful tips that may provide relief from the painful effects of arthritis.

* Cook 100gms of garlic in 100 gms of milk and 100gms of water and drink the concoction after it is cooked ;it shall provide much relief from the pain and effects of arthritis

* Practicing yoga [Surya Namaskar and Pranayam] breathing exercises help relieve arthritis.

* Soak fenugreek seeds overnight in a bowl of water ; the next morning drain out the water and eat the fenugreek seeds ,chewing them well.As the basic characteristic of fenugreek is ‘hot’ ,it helps in relieving the pain of the joints.

* Arthritis patients should have a lot of water; 4-6 litres per day should be the target so that the frequency of passing out urine will be more which in turn will detoxify the system.

* Having raw coconut also helps in alleviating pain of the joints.

* Having about 100gms of potato juice just before meals is very beneficial for patients of arthritis.

* On awakening in the morning having one garlic clove with a cup of curd on an empty stomach for a period of two months helps in combating joint pain.

* Take 250 gms of milk and equal amount of water, add 2 cloves of garlic, 1 teaspoon of fry ginger,’harad’, cinnamon and cardamom and let the mixture simmer on a low flame; when the water part dries off and the contents are well marinated and cooked take it off the flame and drink the milk with all the contents in it ; it shall give much relief in a very short time.

* Adding 15gms of Cod liver oil in a glass of orange juice and then drinking it is very beneficial in relieving the pain.

* Eating the fresh, new, young leaves of the guava tree, with black salt help in relieving the joint pain.

* Deep fry black pepper corns in sesame oil till it turns black and burnt; when it cools down, apply the oil on the joints –very beneficial and pain reliever.

* In gaps /intervals of two – three days drink 10 Gms of linseed oil [AARANDI] on an empty stomach in the early morning; do not consume tea, coffee or any other drink, during the days when you are having this linseed oil; very soon you shall have much relief in the pain.

* Applying warm linseed [AARANDI] oil and bandaging with the hot, boiled leaves on the joints helps in relieving the pain.

* Having carrot juice with a squeeze of lemon helps in relieving the joint pains. It basically helps in repairing damaged ligaments.

* Grind 4-5 leaves of the ‘Harshingar’ plant with water and have them twice in a day; you shall experience relief from the pain very soon.

* Patients should indulge in light exercises and aerobics in consultation with their doctor /trainer; they should never over exert themselves as this could be very dangerous.

* Take 100 grams of garlic buds and mix it with 5 Gms each of salt, cumin seeds, black pepper corns, nutmeg, and dried ginger and grind them together; then roast it in Castor [‘AARANDI’] oil and store it in a glass jar. Have this mix with water twice a day and you shall experience great relief in the pain.

* Massaging with olive oil also helps in relieving arthritis pain.

* Having a teaspoonful of dry ginger powder every day, is very beneficial in arthritis.

* Green vegetables and their juices /soups are very beneficial in arthritis.

* In arthritis also, blackberries have a very significant role; boil the bark of the black berry tree in water and apply the paste on the affected joints; it provides great relief.

* Patients should have a tiny amount [equal to a grain of wheat] of lime, on an empty stomach with either a cup of curd, water or pulses [Daal] for three months regularly; shall cure all symptoms and arthritis pain; but it should not be taken by patients who have an issue of gall bladder or kidney stones.

* The ‘Parijat’ Tree and the ‘Harshingar’ plant have small white flowers on them – the special feature is that they bloom in the night and fall to the ground in the day; take 5-6 leaves if this tree and grind it well making a thick paste ;transfer this paste in a glassful of water and set it on a flame ;keep boiling till it is reduced to half a glass ;after cooling the mixture ,have it on an empty stomach every day in the morning ;it has the power to cure the most chronic of cases of arthritis. Have this for three months regularly and make sure that it is prepared fresh every day and should be had in water only never straight; it is a sure shot remedy for relief from arthritis.

* Having half a cup of fresh ‘BATHUA’ juice in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, helps in curing and relieving arthritis. Do not mix anything in this juice and have it regularly for two months.

* You may also mix small, finely cut, ‘Bathua’ leaves while kneading the dough; it is very helpful in the treatment of arthritis, joint pains, lower back pain and general weakness.

* Having 100 Gms of ginger everyday helps in relieving joint pains; you can also have ginger in soups or mixed in vegetables. * Massaging the affected joints with lemon juice, twice a day also helps in relieving the pain; also drinking lemonade helps in alleviating joint pain.

* Mix the powders of ‘Ashwang’,’Dhatawari’ and ‘Amalki’ ;they are easily available in the market at any ayurvedic store / grocery store ; mix the powders well together and have it the first thing in the morning with honey ;it is very beneficial for arthritis and also helpful in making the joints stronger.

* Soaking 15-20 walnuts without the shell in water and having them early in the morning on an empty stomach helps reduce the pain greatly; continuing this treatment for two months cures arthritis from the very root.

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