Significant, Charitable Offerings to our Ancestor

Tips for amavasya
6. Offering silver:
Donating silver /silver items during shraadh has a special significance and is considered as a very auspicious attain peace and the blessings of one’s ancestors,donations of silver are considered very effective and result-oriented.

remedies for amavasya 7.Land donations : Donating a piece of land to a poor ,needy person during the period of shraadh,bestows a person with unparralelled fame and wealth…..if donating land is not possible,a few pieces of earth [mud/soil] with appropriate monetary offering should be given to a sanctified priest on a platter.

Tips for amavasya

8.Donating jaggery [gur] :
Offering jaggery instantly pleases our ancestors….the donor is blessed with health, wealth and happiness.

remedies for amavasya

9.Donating a cow [godaan]:This donation as always been considered as the ultimate of all donations and offerings…but done during the shraadh period its effects are multiplied manifold and bestows the donor with all kinds of happiness.if financial constraints restrict any person from making such an offering,he can always donate money as per his capabilities and abilities.

Tips for amavasya 10. Donating salt : offering salt during shraadh has its own significance in pleasing the ancestors.a donor should imagine the reflection of his parents/ancestors in the sanctified priest and treat him to a sumptuous meal……..after whci appropriate offerings and donations should be made with all piety and sanctity and seek his blessings for a life filled with satisfaction and happiness and also seek forgiveness for any wrong commited knowingly or unknowingly.

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