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Significant, Charitable Offerings to our Ancestor

Hindu religion adds a special significance to the practice of offerings, charitable donations and alms, specially during the ‘pitrapaksh’ period; wherein with all purity and solemnity, all hindus make offerings to their loved ones / ancestors who are no longer in this world.this practise has a special place in the annals of hindu religion and it is sincerely believed that the blessings of our ancestors that are showered on us, stay with us all our lives through thick and thin.
Oferings made during the shraadh not only remove the malefic effects of ‘pitra dosh’ but are also responsible for giving us longevity,fame,a happy,prosperous and successful life surrounded by luxuries and all material objects that one desires..although during ‘pitra paksh’ we all make offerings as per our abilities ,desire and capabilities but given below are some special offerings which make the donations all the more effective and act as a catalyst to seek the blessings of our fathers and forefathers………these offerings are generally reffered to as “grand-offerings”.

1. Offerings of black sesame seeds [black til] : Have a special importance in shraadh donations.this offering during the period of shraadh guards us and our families from all malefic inclinations and also safeguards us from all obstacles and ill-effects.
2. Offering pure clarified butter [ghee]: donating clarifed ghee obtained from cow’s milk, to a sanctified priest, as per one’s capabilities bestows the donor with all piety and beneficial results in all his endeavours.
3. Offering gold / gold items : proves very beneficial in removing family squabbles……love,affection and compassion rules the house and its members.if financial constraints do not allow one to make gold donations ,a person as per his capabilities and abilities should donate money or other valuable,material objects to attain peace and harmony in his family and amongst family members.
4.Offering food-grains :any food-grain [raw] can be donated….it should be done with full piousness and trust……..this offering helps a person attain fulfillment of his desires.
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5.Clothes/ garments :a person can donate ‘dhoti ‘ , ‘kurta’,vest ,handkerchief etc…..any similar kind of garment, that can be used to cover the body can be donated.it should be ensured that the donated garments are absolutely new and unstained.

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