Jain temple of Palitana

Palitana Temple Palitana Temple Palitana Temple Palitana Temple Palitana Temple Palitana Temple Palitana Temple Palitana Temple
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The palitna Jain temple were situated 51 km far from  Bhavnagar in Gujrat on the hills of Shatrunjya hills.  More than 900 hundred temples are situated on the Shatrunjya hills. This temple was  built very minutely. This temple is magnificent sample of North Indian architecture . This holy temple is dedicated to Lord 24th tirathankar .This temple was built in two parts in 11th  and 12th century . Palitan Jain temple  called Tux.

The Jain temple which is situated in Shatrunjya hills are tributed to first Tirathanker Rishbanth. It is to be said that all Tirathankers get nirvana here. After the getting nirvana this place is also called Siddha Place. This place has importance since the age of Mahabharta. It is to be said three Pandav brothers Yudhisthir, Bhim and Arjun also got the nirvana here. There is myth in jain that they  can’t eat food after the evening so the pupils do not come here at  night . Jain’s also beleive that all Gods  takerest in night, so the doors of all temples are closed at night.

There is a holy place  the name of Angad Peer is located on the hills ,here those people do prayer  for the child tose who are child less  they beleive by the blessing of Peer Sahib very soon  their lap are filled with child. The main Jain temple are Adinath Vimalshah, Sampratiraja Kumanpal ,chaumukh etc. Palitana Jain temple keep the main Pilgrims of the jain’s so the jain people definitely comes here.