Miracles of Breathing Rhythm

Also bear in mind, if you are feeling hot it is advised that you should sleep on your right flank which will activate your left side breathing rhythm and soon you shall feel the heat dissipating , making you comfortable and when the body is feeling too cold follow the reverse action...sleep on your left flank which will activate the right rhythm and the body will gradually warm up.
A very important and unique piece of advice...if you have to win over someone’s favor, position the person to the side which is activated i.e. the breathing rhythm/nostril is activated...influencing him to your views becomes smoother.

When both the rhythms are activated i.e. your breathing process is with both the nostrils, it is advised that you should not start or undertake any new project, travel or plans otherwise you may have to face failure and loss. This is the perfect time to meditate upon God....it takes less than usual time to concentrate.

If you have some unwanted guest and you do not wish to spend much time in his company, silently and without making it obvious exhale fully a few times and very soon you will notice that the person would leave your company. Contrary to this if you want to prolong someone’s company, inhale fully, slowly .... repeat a few times and the duration of the stay of the person will be lengthened.

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