Medical Tips of basil Tulsi is a panacea for a variety of diseases .It is very rightly referred to as the ‘Domestic –Physician’ – It is a very effective purifier, and keeps away insects and germs – health issues like headaches , irritability , redness of the eyes, memory loss or deprivation , allergy , mouth-ulcers, asthma, ENT problems,fever ,cardiac problems - find some relief ,to a certain extent, by eating Tulsi leaves. Those suffering from after effects of a nuclear / radioactive, radiations, have also been benefitted by the use of Tulsi.

*Tulsi is very good for the heart; having 5 Tulsi leaves every day, helps in reducing cholesterol levels.

* Marinating the paste of Tulsi roots in water for 5-6 hours, and then eating them is very good for sexual vigor and vitality – it also helps in making the semen strong and productive.

* Eating 20 Tulsi leaves, with sugar candy, helps in strengthening the memory and recapitulation power.

* In cases of cold and fever, having the juice of Tulsi leaves is very beneficial.

* Swallowing Tulsi leaves on a regular basis, helps in keeping anemia away.

* To get rid of gastric problems and worms in the stomach, having Tulsi leaves in the morning, on an empty stomach is very beneficial.

* To ease ear-ache/pains, put a drop of Tulsi juice in the ear in the night – it helps in ebbing the pain.

* Tulsi is a tried and tested medicine for the treatment of Malaria – Boil Tulsi leaves and Black Pepper together and reduce full cup of water to half – having this concoction helps in getting rid of Malaria.

* It is a very trusted anti-oxidant.

* For cold and cough – boil 10 leaves of Tulsi and 5 black pepper corns – add jaggery, ginger and sea-salt to the concoction – sipping it like tea, has beneficial effects.

* In summers, eating a few Tulsi leaves, before getting out of the house, will save you from a heat stroke or vertigo.

* Tulsi is very good for the heart – it reduces bad-cholesterol levels – in winters, take 8 leaves of Tulsi ,5 black pepper corns ,and 5 almonds – all made into a paste – have it with half a glass of water – it is helpful in combating most of the cardiac ailments.

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