Every man wants success in life, in all fields – love, family, career, wealth, and fate .He wishes excellent growth and a obstacle free path to success. We all have the hidden desire, to be praised for our successful efforts.

If you are also one of the many, let me tell you, it is possible – you just have to take the help of your lucky charm, decided as per your zodiac sign .It is said and believed, that if a person carries his lucky charm along, his fate shall always work in his favor.

Astrology believes, every zodiac has a special relation and effect with an object – which is the lucky charm corresponding to that particular, zodiac sign . You also want to be the fortunate one, we are giving below the corresponding lucky charms as per the Zodiac signs. – choose your lucky charm, today.

1. ARIES : Ariens should either wear or carry with them the red “HAKIK” stone - obstacle will be removed.

2. TAURUS : The KAURI shell is very dear to Goddess Lakshmi – Taurans should keep a white “KAURI’ shell to strengthen their fate.

3. GEMINI : They should carry / wear the “GANESHA RUDRAKSH” - all hurdles shall be removed.

4. CANCER : Cancerians should wear / carry with them a silver moon – all endeavors shall be met with success.

5. LEO : They should wear a bronze pendant of the Sun. Wealth, Fame, all, shall be yours.

6. VIRGO : For success in all endeavours, Virgoans should wear a pendant of Lord Ganesha.

7. LIBRA : They should keep a “GOMTI CHAKRA” with them for success in matters of wealth, and improvement in communication skills and self confidence.

8. SCORPIO : For increase in fame and name – Scorpions should wear a pendant or carry with them an item, made of ivory.

9. SAGGITARIUS : Sagittarians should keep with them a piece of raw turmeric.

10. CAPRICORN : They should wear a ‘PHIROZA” [Turquoise] – in a pendant – fate will always support them.

11. AQUARIUS : Lord Saturn is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign, Aquarius – they should wear a ring made of the eight-metals [ASHTH DHATU – gold, silver, brass, copper, iron, bronze, lead and aluminum] – their fate shall always be bright and shining.

12. PISCES : They should wear a gold ring or a gold chain – their fate shall shine brighter..

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