Love Feng Shui Tips

Love Feng Shui Tips

Fill ur matrimonial life with love,trust & cooperation by adopting these easy & user-friendly Feng Shui solutions

Feng Shui Remedies For Love

11. Always remember that colors associated with Earth and Fire should be used in the south-west corner / direction of the house. Curtains, Cushions, Windows etc should be painted in the prescribed shades. The color red symbolizes romance, if it appears too dark for an individual taste, it can alternatively be colored in a shade of pink.

12. To increase the feelings of love and romance light two red colored candles in the south –west corner of the house. The candles should be kept in a glass or a ceramic pot filled with small pebbles or crystals. This shall radiate positive energy and your togetherness will always be hale and hearty.

13. To further enhance the love in your wedded life and relationship, place a pure, crystal ball or a engraved crystal object towards the foot side under the bed.

14. Light a crystal chandelier with red bulbs in the south –west corner of the house.

15. Use ceramic wind-chimes to develop and increase love and affection.

16. Always keep the bedroom clean. It should never be cluttered or untidy. All furniture like dressing tables, side drawers etc should be dust-free and spic and span and never littered. Always use a light, sweet room freshener, perfume at night time before going to sleep.

17. Keep a small statue of a pair of love-birds, mandarin-ducks, which symbolize love, in the bedroom.

18. Keep a heart-shaped, rose quartz in the south-west corner of the bedroom.

19. Never place / hang a picture which depicts water or which shows waterfalls, rivers, seas, etc in the bed-room. The most advisable pieces to be kept / hanged in the bedroom are romantic artifacts, statues and images of young birds.

20. If you have a feeling that distance is creeping in your relationship or your partner is drifting away, always remember to keep a conch-shell or a clam-shell on a beautiful plate in the bedroom.

21. If your are having financial troubles because of which your matrimonial relation are getting affected ,take a few [small fistful] grains of rice in a beautiful bowl and place a pure , crystal stone on it and keep it in the bedroom.

Friends, if these simple tips are kept in mind and followed, surely they will provide you with beneficial results and will ensure long, happy relationships.So, do not delay any further ,try out these simple remedies and fill your life with ever-lasting love and affection..

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Love Feng Shui Tips

Love Feng Shui Tips

Friends, your desire to have peaceful and harmonious relations in the family, a long and happy married life, successful love relations……can all be fulfilled by following these simple Feng Shui solutions.