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Importance of Virtuous Deeds

God is a form of truth and law. He always loves and help his pupils and punishes the sinner for their sins. Every religion has said that, our good and bad deeds affect the present as well as the future of our generations. You must have heard that the good deeds of our ancestors protects us from our problems.

Always remember, the "Death" is the biggest fact of this earth. In this world when a child is born, his destiny has already scheduled the date and time of his death. The reason can be numerous like illness, old age, etc. No matter whether the person is rich or poor, when he leaves for heavenly abode all the material possession remains on this Earth. What he takes is the sum total of all his good and bad deeds. On the basis of that, God decides his fate and to which "Yoni" he would be transferred to.

Every religion tells that, every person has a fortune and his fortune will be decided on the basis of his deeds of his antenatal. But, his fortune might change due to the deeds in the present life.

We can get more or less punishments and rewards for our good deeds. So, God gives every birth to pay debt of our antenatal and make our life happy.

Every religion has a different explanation of good deeds. But, every religion has a single aim. All the religions have given preference to truth, non-violence, sympathy, donation, love, self-control, peace, and honesty, devotion in god, respect of parents, elders and teachers. Stay away from hate, greed and dishonesty. Never exploit the poor and helpless people. Always earn money with honesty and hard work for our family and for us. Always remember that animals also fill their stomach, but since we are human beings. So, we have to help to poor, sick and orphans. This is the great sacred work which satisfy the soul. We should have clean mind. The development of our society and generations depends upon the deeds of Human beings.

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