The Importance of Breathing Rhythm

The science of 'swar' [rhythm] – The rhythmic flow of air thru the specific [left/right] nostril in turn activating the specific pulse is Swar Science] is a very important and easy to follow astrological science. Indications provided by this science are considered absolutely correct and with the help of these indications we can change the direction and state of our lives. With the capability of effecting us, mentally and physically, all living individuals [men/women/children] and to the extent of spiritual connections, 'swar' science has undoubted significance in the lives of each and every individual. With the help of 'Swar science' [Flow of Breath thru the nostrils and the specific pulse which is activated] individuals can attain desirable success and can mould each and every person and situation in his / her favor.

We have a pair of nostrils and under normal conditions we inhale / exhale thru a single nostril. It could be thru our left nostril or thru our right nostril which is termed as ‘Rhythm of Swar ‘but during transition...transfer from left nostril to right nostril or vice versa, we inhale and exhale thru both the nostrils. Apart from this, sometimes when the 'sushmana nadi' [SUSHMANA PULSE] is active, even then we exhale and inhale thru both nostrils.

When we breathe thru the left nostril it means that the flow of air is invigorating the 'Ida Nadi' [IDA PULSE] [flow of air is in the .

In contrast when we breathe thru the right nostril, it means that 'PINGLA NADI' [pingla pulse] is being invigorated. [Flow of air is in the pingla nadi].

By understanding the flow of air, thru the specific nostril can help us understand and achieve our desired goals. If we can understand our breathing rhythm and observe the process and the nostril which is activated we can pre-empt the result as specific day / date is marked for specific nostril. If the process is as scheduled we will definitely have favorable results. We should therefore have an understanding of the days/date specified to specific nostril for better and favorable results to our efforts.

Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays are termed as ‘hot’ as they are associated to the Sun Rhythm of breathing....whereas Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays are termed as ‘cold’ as they are associated to the Moon Rhythm.

The exhaled breath thru our right nostril activates ‘Pingla Pulse’ and is associated to the Surya Rhythm and true to its origin it is ‘hot’.

The exhaled breath through our left nostril activates our ‘Ida Rhythm’ having its origin in the Moon Rhythm and hence it is ‘cold’.

On awakening in the morning check you breathing rhythm/nostril...if it is in conformity to the day/date pray to the almighty and start your day by getting off the bed. But if the breathing rhythm is not in conformity, just turn on your side in the opposite direction of which you were sleeping and when the rhythm also changes to the scheduled rhythm, only then get off from the bed by touching the lower foot first to the ground.

Meaning….if the rhythm specifies right nostril and the flow is also from the right nostril then get off the bed by touching the right foot first to the floor and vice-versa if the rhythm specifies let nostril and the flow is also from the left nostril then get off the bed by touching the left foot first to the floor ....Start the day on a positive note.

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