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Importance of Ancestors will make you aware you of your duties and also help you to perform your responsibilities which in turn would bestow us with blessings from our God (Ishwar, Allah, Wahe Guru , Jesus, Mahavir ji and Mahatma Buddha) as well as our ancestors and most the important, it would give us self-satisfaction.

Soul is immortal is said by all religion. Just as we change cloths similarly human soul changes body as it can not stay in one body for a long period.

"Na Jayate Miryte Va Kada Chinnay Buthva Bhavita Va Na Bhup: ujo Nitya : Shaswaatosaym Purano n Hanyte Hanymane Sharire."

Geeta chapter 20

Means soul is neither born nor it dies, birth or death is exclusively associated with the human body, soul never dies even if the body is dead.

After the funeral of a human, this immortal soul will transform in "Pitra" and are always ready to help their dear ones.

We always get benefit from our ancestors if, we have true feelings, memories and performed the rituals in a right way. Ancestors are the great souls which always help others because of their nature and culture.

They are associated with the microcosm of the world, therefore they warn their relatives about the impending danger and obstacles in their lives and help them to solve their problems as well. Usually, they do not make us aware of their existence. However, they might make their presence feel to the people who are mentally and spiritually more inclined towards them. Apart from this, they also provide consultation and help to rectify the issues in their life.

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Importance of Ancestors
Importance of Ancestors

Friends... Due you Miss your left Ancestors & want to show your gratitude towards them. Now Make Profile of your Ancestors and make their name and memories immortal..

Importance of Ancestors

Reach Out to your loved ones, Whor are no longer in this world!! offer them your rememberance, your gratitude, pray to the almighty to grant them peace and a place besides him and be blessed.