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Stone, Kidney stones have now become a very common ailment and the main cause is irregular eating habits; when salts and other chemicals present in our mouth/saliva, come in contact with each other form hard stone like matter in our kidneys – these small grain become larger due to accumulation of salts etc and take the form of a large stone.

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Stone, Kidney stones can be of various shapes and sizes; they can be small grain like which pass out along with the urine ;but the bigger stones cannot pass thru the urinary tract ,over and above that they block the tract which is very painful ; the pain sometimes reaches unbearable limits and the pain obstructs urination. There is no age definition for a person to have stones; it can afflict any person at any age. We are giving below some home remedies and tips that can help avoid /cure kidney stones & best for stone treatment, ( stone removal, stone problem remedies,best stone treatment, )

• Having coconut water is very beneficial for patients with kidney stones, stone treatment, ( stone removal, stone problem remedies, best stone treatment, )

• Bitter gourd although very bitter but it is a magical treatment for stones ( stone removal, stone problem remedies, best stone treatment, ) having bitter gourd juice helps in preventing the formation of stones due to the presence of Magnesium and Phosphorus.

• Mix 15 seeds of cardamom [big variety] , a teaspoonful of musk melon seeds, two spoons of sugar candy [mishri] in a cup of water and have it twice in a day ; in all probabilities the stones in the kidney will pass out thru the urinary tract, best for stone treatment, ( stone removal, stone problem remedies,best stone treatment, )

• In grapes, albumin and sodium chloride are present in traces; it is therefore recommended in the treatment of stones; it has an abundance of potassium, water and salts and is very helpful because of which grapes are highly recommended in the treatment of stones.

• Ripe mangoes are very helpful in dissolving and easing stones out of the body. Patients of kidney stones should consume mangoes during the season.

• A broth prepared of ‘Bathua’ leaves by boiling half a kg of ‘Bathua’ in water and let it simmer for some time –strain the liquid and have it 45 times a day ;you may add rock salt and black pepper for taste it's great stone treatment, ( stone removal, stone problem remedies, best stone treatment, )

• Gooseberry either dry or ripe is very beneficial for patients of kidney stones very usefull stone treatment, ( stone removal, stone problem remedies, best stone treatment, )

• Onions have a medicinal property for the treatment of kidney stones; Grind about 70 gms of onion and extract the juice; have this juice on an empty stomach early in the morning; it shall help dissolve the large stones and they shall pass out from the urinary tract.

• Equal amounts of cumin seeds and sugar if powdered together and had thrice a day help in dissolving the stones and can be flushed out with the body wastes.

• Drumsticks are also very helpful in dissolving kidney stones .Lay out mango leaves in the shade and let them dry ; powder them and have approximately 8 gms every day with water – it is very beneficial and helpful in easing out the stones.

• Patients of kidney stones should have a banana regularly; as bananas contain Vitamin B-6, they help in preventing the formation of oxalates and also help in breaking down the oxalates to be discharges from the urinary tract.

• Take 50 gms each of sugar candy – [mishri], dry coriander seeds and fennel seeds and soak them overnight in sufficient water [to immerse them completely; the next evening take out the mixture and make a paste by grinding it well; mix it well in the same water making a blend and drink it; following it by routine will help dissolve the stones and get rid of it with the body waste.

• Tea .Coffee or any drink that contains caffeine should be avoided; but you may drink soft drinks, as much as possible.

• Having pure Tulsi [Basil] leaves juice helps in discharging the kidney stones via the urinary tract; also having fresh Tulsi leaves with honey helps in dislodging and dissolving the stones.

• Having cumin seeds, in sugar syrup or honey help in their passage thru the urinary tract.

• Olive Oil and lemon juice are the best natural products for the treatment of kidney stones; in painful cramps have 60ml of lemon juice and equal quantity of olive oil and have it; it will provide relief very fast from the pain. In any case, having olive oil and lemon juice together is very good for the health and general well-being.

• Pour a few drops of water on the grind-stone ;grind/rub black pepper corn on the moist/wet stone and have it empty stomach ,early in the morning ; the second day and consecutive days keep increasing the number of black pepper corns by one ; for example second day two ,third day three and so on till you reach 7 after a week’s time ; then follow the reverse order and start reducing the black pepper corns one a day ,till the 14th day when you shall have one ;this 14 days routine shall rid you of all issues related to kidney stones.

• Eating pineapple or having its juice helps in dissolving kidney stones and promotes their passage thru the urinary tract.

• Having cucumber juice for 15 days regularly can help you get rid of kidney stones.

• If a patient of kidney stones has been advised surgery, wait for some time and follow this procedure for 5 days – take a cup of butter milk and dissolve slightly warmed alum in the butter milk – drink this concoction for 5 days twice a day – maybe you may not have to undergo any surgery.

• For 15 days continuous, 5-6 gms of raw /unripe papaya, equal quantity of jaggery,4 drops of Nigella seed oil [Kalonji] have this mixture early in the morning on an empty stomach; avoid spinach , tomatoes during this course of medication. Get yourself rechecked for the presence of stones; in all probabilities they would all be dissolved.

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