Golden Temple

Golden temple Golden temple Golden temple Golden templeGolden temple Golden temple Golden temple
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The Harminder Sahib’s Golden Temple is situated in the Punjab. It is very holy and main Gurudwara of Sikhs. The Amritsar city is situated around this holy Golden Temple.

( The first brick was put of the Harminder Sahib in October 1588 by Shri Ramdas the 4th Guru of Sikhs. Harminder Sahib was laid in the direction of 5h Guru of Shri Arjun Dev by Saint of Lahore in December, 1588.)

The construction of holy Golden Temple was started in December, 1588 and completed in August, 1604. Here first time done a light of Guru Granth Sahib in the year of 1604. After the completing the building of Harmindar Sahib, here’s organize a daily Sat sang. The outer side is built by Gold, that is why it is known by the name of Golden Temple. This holy Gurudwara is also known by the name of Darbar Sahib.

Golden Temple is built on the Island in holy lake/Sarovar. There is a bridge attach with temple for reaching. People will go the temple through the ladder, after the bathing and washed their legs-hand in this lake. The Golden Temple is built with gold and the whole temple is covered by a layer of gold. At the distance of 100 metre here is holy diamond decorated Akal Takht, that is get the main place of Takht. Golden Temple is opened 24 hours for the devotees. There is very good arrangement of flood light, so its look very beautiful night.

The Golden Temple was destroyed many times by the attackers, but every time the devotees built it again. Its present form was given by Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Ji, he is decorated this temple by the layer of gold.

So, lots of devotees has come here whole year but at the time of Lohidi, Baishaki, Gurunank Parv, Sahidi Diwas, Sankranti and light festival, lots of people come here. Here peoples fulfill their desire by doing ‘Ardas’ (i.e. Prayer) by true heart. Here they take Prashad and Langar, Kadaha Prashad and Langar is available 24 hours.

There is many ancient and historical Gurudwara near the Gold Temple, that is Gurudwara Baba Attal, Gurudwara Mata Colan, Gurudwara Saragadhi Sahib, Yara Sahib Gurudwara, Lachi Bar Bair Baba Buddha Ji are main.