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Flowers have a very significant place in all rites and rituals of the Hindu faith. Offering flowers to deities has its own importance and is considered very auspicious. Any ritual ceremony, prayer, ambulations,’aarti’ etc are incomplete without flowers. Although certain flowers are prohibited as offerings to certain deities, the Shastras have enumerated many flowers which have a very positive effect when offered to the deities in various rites and rituals. They are the favorite of the deities and act as catalysts to the benevolence of the gods. We are giving a brief account of the favorite flower vis-à-vis the god/goddess - offering these flowers shall speeden up the fulfillment of your wishes.

Devtaon ke priya fool
Flowers have an unparallel significance in our lives. It is the creation of the almighty that negates the negativity in our homes; their aroma gives peace and tranquility; albeit God only wants the devotion of its devotees, but it is traditionally accompanied with flowers. It is said that the flowers are offered as per the liking of the Gods, usually based on color preference;
it is prohibited to worship or offer dry/dead flowers to the gods as offerings. For the Lotus flowers it is said that they remain fresh for about 10-12 days – with the exception of the bud of the Magnolia [‘Champa]’ flower, it is prohibited to offer any other flower-bud to a deity.

Shri Ganesha – Aachaar Bhushan Granth, with the exception of the Tulsi Dal [Basil Leaf], all other flowers can be offered to Lord Ganesha. It is written in the ‘Padma Puran Aacharatna’ – “NA TULSYA GANADHIPAM”- meaning never worship or offer Tulsi to Lord Ganesha. It has been a tradition of offering the” DOORBA” [Grass] – the favourite of Lord Ganesha. If the Doorba has three-five leaves on the upper portion, it is all the more better.
favourite flower of lord ganesh

favourite flower of lord shiva
Lord Shiva / Shankarji – Te flowers of the thorn-apple plant , the white flowers of the ‘Harsingar’, ‘Naagkesar’ ,dry stems of the lotus flower, ‘Kanaer’ ,’Kusum’ , ‘Aak’ and ‘Kush’ [blade-grass] etc are offered to Lord Shiva. Apart from these , leaves of the Wood-Apple Tree [Bail Patra] and the leaves of the Shami tree is considered very auspicious.
It is prohibited to offer the following flowers to Lord Shiva –Silk Cotton [Sema]l ,Kadamb ,Pomegranate [Anaar] , Shireesh , Madhvi , Kewra, Maalti, Juhi and Kapas [Cotton].

Sun – God [Surya Narayan] – The flowers of the KUTAJ are used to worship the Sun God.Apart from the Kutaj flower ,the flowers of the Aak ,Maalti , Kanaer,Lotus ,Magnolia [Champa] , Palaash , Ashoka and the Bela are also offered to the Sun God. It is said in the ‘BHAVISYAPURAV’ , that offering a single flower of the Aak is equal to offering ten gold coins to the deity. The flowers bearing a red hue are most favored by the Sun god.
favourite flower of lord Sun

favourite flower of goddess gauri maa
Bhagwati Gauri – The flowers that are offered to Lord Shiva are also the favourite of Goddess Gauri; also the flowers of Magnolia, white lotus, Palaash and Bela can also be offered.

Maa Durga – The red hibiscus and the red rose the most favourite of flowers of Maa Durga; the flowers of Bela, Ashok , Madhvi, Kewra, Amaltaash can also be offered. Tulsidal [Basil flower] ,Durva and the flower of Tamaal are prohibited.
favourite flower of goddess durga maa
favourite flower of lord krishna
Shri Krishna – Enumerating his favourite flowers to Yudhistra in the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna says - ‘the flowers of Kumud, Karvari, Chanak, Maalti, Nandik, Palaash and Vanmaala are my favourite’.

Goddess Lakshmi – The lotus flower is the most favorite of Goddess Lakshmi. She also like the red rose.
favourite flower of goddess maa laxmi
favourite flower of lord vishnu
Lord Vishnu – The lotus flower, Maulsiri, Juhi , Kadamb , Kewra , Jasmine [Chameli] , Ashok , Maalti , Vasanti , Magnolia [Champa] flowers are his favourite. Offering a Tulsidal [Basil flower / leaf] rewards the devotee in no time - he is most pleased. In the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar, offering the flowers of the Ketki has a special significance.
The flowers of the Aak, Thorn-apple [Dhatura] ,Shirish ,Sehjan [Drumstick] , Semal [Silk Cotton],Kachnaar , and Gular should never be offered. Rice grains[Akshat] should never offered to Lord Vishnu.

Goddess Sarawati – The goddess of knowledge is worshipped by offering the flowers of a white or yellow hue. White rose ,White Oleander [Kanear] ,or yellow marigold flowers are her favourite.
The flowers of the Ketki are as a rule not offered to any God.
favourite flower of goddess maa saraswati
favourite flower of lord hanuman
Lord Hanuman – Flowers of a red or yellow hue are his favourite – hibiscus, rose, lotus, marigold, etc can be offered to Lord Hanuman. Offering these flowers regularly and applying red sandal wood paste mixed with saffron on his forehead bestows his benevolent gaze and the devotee’s wishes are soon fulfilled.

Lord Saturn – [Shani Dev] – The blue flowers of the ‘Laajwant’ should be offered to Lord Saturn – apart from this any blue colored or dark colored flower can be offered to the deity – he shall be deeply pleased with the offering.
favourite flower of lord shanidev

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