Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui Tips

13. Bejeweled Tree:
To beget, harmony peace, and prosperity in the house, this plant / tree should be kept in the house. The green-colored tree should be kept in the North direction / side of the house whereas the multi -colored tree should be kept / placed in the south-west corner / side/ location of the house.

remedies for amavasya
To negate the ill-effects of a transverse beam, cover a flute with a red ribbon and hang it in such a manner below the beam so that the mouth of the flute is facing downwards and together they form a triangle.

Feng Shui Tips

15. Gold Fish:
Gold fishes are believed to promote wealth and prosperity. They should be placed in the Northern direction of the house, facing east.

Mystic Knot Symbol
16. Dragon-faced Boat:
To maintain peace and harmony and united a joint-family should place a dragon-faced boat in the south-west corner of the house……., this is to ensure that the unity in the family is not disturbed and continues to prosper for generations. For wealth and prosperity ,keep a gold-boat in the safe vault ,where you keep your jewelry and cash , in the south –east direction , in such a manner so that the head of the boat is facing towards the inside of the house…….as if entering the house.

Feng Shui Tips

17. Crystal Globe:
Always keep a crystal globe on your work table in front of you and make sure that you rotate it at least thrice a day ….,this is very beneficial for progress in career and business.

Lucky Charms/coins
18. Lamps and Chandeliers Chi:
The south-west corner of a house is related to the element,earth.it is co-related to mutual relations and matrimonial relations. Lighting a Chandelier in the evening for two hours in this corner promotes well-being and harmonious relations between the family members. Also, it helps in getting early marriage proposals for eligible men/women of the house.

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