Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui Tips

7. Mandarin Ducks :
Placing a pair of Mandarin ducks in the south-west corner of the room of the prospective bride / groom helps in an early and amiable ,matrimonial settlement.

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8. Education Tower :
Placing the tower on the table in front while studying helps in improved concentration, will-power and communication [speaking/debating] finesse. It also helps in promoting the desire to study more and excel.

Feng Shui Tips

9. Symbol of Two-Fold Happiness :
Placing this symbol in the southern part of the house brings in more occasions of happiness .Eligible bachelors and bachelorettes can look forward to an early marriage and chances of a happy, successful marriage are greatly multiplied.

Mystic Knot Symbol
10. Mystic Knot Symbol :
A knot with no start or end [mystical] ……,placing this symbol in the North direction of the work place / office it promotes wealth and good health.

Feng Shui Tips

11. Animal Set :
they are placed on all the four sides of the drawing room wall.; the Dragon is placed on the eastern side/wall; the Tiger on the Western side/wall, the Phoenix on the Southern side/wall and the Tortoise on northern side / wall. They promote multi-directional progress of the inhabitants.

Lucky Charms/coins
12. Lucky Charms/coins :
Tie Three coins [luck/prosperity Chinese coins] to the handle of the main entrance door from the inside. They promote wealth and all members of the family are benefitted by them. Also keeping them in your wallet promotes prosperity and wealth multiplication.

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