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In the Hindu faith, apart from performing ambulation and offerings, circumbulating a deity has its own significance. Going around the deity’s idol in a circular path, starting from ones southern direction [clock-wise] is called PARIKRAMA [circumbulating] – the right side of the devotee’s body should always be towards the idol. It is important and should always be remembered that the circumbulating should always start towards the right, because the powerful aura of the Gods and its magnetic field is directed towards the south.

Devtaon ki parikrama
If any circumbulating is done from the left, there is a conflict in magnetic field of the gods and that within us – which destroys our aura [the weaker one, when compared to the Gods] – when we move towards the right our aura is amalgamated with the Gods as both are in synch and we get faster results.

Every deity had a specific number of circumbulating to be performed. –

Shri Ganesha – According to the scriptures, one should circumbulate Lord Ganesha, thrice – Lord Ganesha, removes all obstacles and provides prosperity to his devotees.
favourite flower of lord ganesh
favourite flower of lord shiva
Lord Shiva / Shankarji – Half circumbulating is prescribed for Lord Shiva .True to his name, ‘Bholeynath’ [Lord of innocence] .Lord Shiva is pleased very soon – just half a circumbulation is sufficient to please him.

Goddess Durga – Goddess Durga is to be circumbulated once / thrice only – all other Goddesses are to be circumbulated only once.
favourite flower of lord Sun
favourite flower of goddess gauri maa
Lord Vishnu – The protector and the nurturer is to be circumbulated four times according to the scriptures.

Surya [Sun-God] – The only visible god of the planet/creation, Lord Surya [Sun-God] is to be circumbulated seven times – all the wishes and desires of the devotee shall be fulfilled.
favourite flower of goddess durga maa
favourite flower of lord krishna
Lord Hanuman – Scriptures advise three circumbulation of Lord Hanuman , the dear of Lord Ram [Vishnu] and the reliever from all dangers and hurdles.

Lord Saturn [Shani Dev] – Seven circumbulation make up the complete worship of Lord Saturn [Shani Dev].
favourite flower of goddess maa laxmi
favourite flower of lord vishnu
Peepal Tree – 33 crore Gods and Goddesses are believed to inhabit the Peepal Tree – circumbulating the Peepal Tree not only rids one of the malefic effects of the planet Saturn, but also, all the other planets too. One should circumbulate the Peepal Tree seven times.

For those deities whom we are not sure as to how many circumbulation are to be made ,one can safely make three circumbulations- three circumbulations are acceptable in all scriptures.

On the Somvati Amavasya , circumbulating 108 times in a temple ahs a special significance and its rewards are also special. In temples where there is no circumbulatory circuit /path ,one should move his feet in such a way as if he is walking –

but is should be remembered - one should not stop in between circumbulations – any stoppage nullifies that circumbulation.

Circumbulations should be performed with folded hands and chanting the specific mantra of the specific God/Goddess whose idol is being circumbulated. Once reaching behind the idol, one should offer salutations to the idol and then move on to the next circumbulation. One should not talk to anyone while performing the circumbulation but should be done meditating upon the god/goddess; the starting point of the circumbulation is the ending point – only then the circumbulation is considered as complete. - Incomplete circumbulations do not fructify.

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दोस्तों यह साईट बिलकुल निशुल्क है। यदि आपको इस साईट से कुछ भी लाभ प्राप्त हुआ हो , आपको इस साईट के कंटेंट पसंद आते हो तो मदद स्वरुप आप इस साईट को प्रति दिन ना केवल खुद ज्यादा से ज्यादा विजिट करे वरन अपने सम्पर्कियों को भी इस साईट के बारे में अवश्य बताएं .....धन्यवाद ।