Church of Bom Jesus(Goa)

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World famous church of Bom jesus is situated in south in Goa state. There is  St. Francis Xavier and St. Cathedral grave inside the church. This holy and beautiful church was built in 16th century . meaning  of  bomb jesus is ‘ good Jesus or child catholic veselika get the place of the miner desiging of architecture. This church is very beautiful and marvelous . Its decoration and design is the sample of minutely art. It was built by white marble which is decorated with different types of pictures and interior architecture. There is a holy particular put here of St. Xavier francis in vesalika . St Xavier was very famous saint, he was passed away when he was prapogating the religion in 1552 out of Goa. And according to his wish particles of his wish particles of his body was brought in Goa. It is to be said that while bringing him his body immortal particles of saint has put in the airtight glass container, into mixture the casket of silver.

There is amazing mixture of italian and hindu architecture of the grave of Saint Xavier . there are marble on the pillars of church and precious stones. There is many pictures to show the various features of the life.of  St Francis Xavier. It is known that St. Xavier has and magical power to fill the injury. That why the people of all over come me here to pray and want to freedom of his problems.

Veselika of bomb Jesus is known as the great , famous and respected church in all over the world. It is and first unmatursd veselika in catholic India. To tribute Lord Jesus, this veselika is declare the world museum. Every year millons of people come  in this church and forget all the things in its magic. Mainly at Christmas and in new year peoples come here in large number ,Generally the visit of veselika is incomplete without seeing this great veselika.