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Per Day Auspicious Time / Moment

There is a constant change of position of the planets and the constellations because of which the auspicious a/ inauspicious time slots are ever changing. Embarking on any new venture in auspicious times greatly enhances the probability of its success and if it is started in auspicious times, the chances of success are greatly reduced. These auspicious and inauspicious planets play a very important role in our day to day lives and for those of us who are not aware of the correct time and day of our birth, it is all the more important to know about these ‘muhurats’[auspicious timings].The need for these favorable / unfavorable timings is also elaborated in the holy scriptures like the ‘Skand Samhita”.the prime objective of auspicious ‘Muhurat’ is to see the newly stated venture to its desired goal with the least of hurdles and hindarances.We are giving here some very simple rules based on which you can be assured of success and favorable results in your efforts and endeavors.

In all there are a total of 30 occasions / moments [muhurats] in a day ……15 in the day time and 15 during night time having their positive / negative effect. A ‘Muhurat ‘ is a unit having two parts equal parts of 24 minutes each i.e. one muhurats unit is of 48 minutes. The most significant muhurats are the “Amrita Muhurat” and the “Bramha Muhurat”.
“Bramha Muhurat” is approximately two hours before sunrise and is considered best for meditation, yoga, studies etc.

During the day long phase, another very significant Muhurat is the “Abhijeet Muhurat’.This is the eighth Muhurat of the day and occurs approximately around 1200hrs noon……..24 minutes before is ‘pre-Muhurat’ and 24 minutes after is ‘post-Muhurat’……..which translates to the timing of 11.36 To 12.24.

It is said that during the Abhijeet Muhurat ,the Sun is right in the centre and the Lord Chakrapani,with his ‘chakra’ [revolving disc on the forefinger] destroys all malefic effects in all directions; it is therefore believed that all auspicious ventures can be initiated during this muhurat.It is believed to be a self-energized and sanctified muhurat. But it should be well remembered that Abhijeet Muhurat is prohibited on Wednesdays and no new venture should be initiated during the Abhijeet Muhurat phase. As Wednesday is the mid week and Abhijeet Muhurat is at 1200 which is mid day, hence the goodness is believed to be nullified on this specific day.

Our scriptures advise us to begin new ventures [auspicious] in the “Guleek Kaal”.Success and favorable results are foretold for any venture initiated in this ‘Kaal’; we are giving below the ‘Guleek Kaal “ timings as and when they occur, on a day to day basis.

Guleek Kaal [Auspicious Time]


Tuesday --

Wednesday --

Thrusday --

Friday --

Saturday --

Sunday --

Afternoon- 3.00 To 4.30

Afternoon- 1.30 To 3.00

Afternoon- 12 To 1.30

Morning- 10.30 To 12.00

Morning- 9 To 10.30

Morning- 7.30 To 9.00

Morning- 6 To 7.30

Apart from this, if you want to initiate any venture depending on the auspicious and inauspicious timing, they are as follows…..
Sundays are especially auspicious for any stationary kind of work like sowing, constructing a house, prayers/havans for peace and prosperity, gardening etc.
Mondays are auspicious for buying a new vehicle or travels.
Tuesdays are auspicious for funerals, any work related to fire or weaponry.
Wednesdays are very auspicious for ‘havans’ [prayers with offerings to fire].
Outdoor Shopping, Intercourse with a mate, weaponry, getting ornaments made/purchase of ornaments, work related to ones shop / workplace, paintings, religious songs or get-together for songs and dance and work of arts are considered auspicious on Thursdays.
Voodoo art and practice, attacking someone with a weapon, trading animals are considered auspicious on Saturdays.
On ‘bhadra’ no auspicious work should be started.

Any day when the Sun enters a new zodiac, any new venture should be avoided .14th January and 14th February are two such days when any new venture should be avoided.

Thus you see by following minute directions of the breathing rhythm and its following its nuances, how we can regulate our lives and life pattern.

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