Auspicious - Inauspicious Thoughts

Mahalaxmi yantra

Auspicious - Inauspicious Thoughts

1.If by chance any statue or a picture of a deity is broken ,damaged or torn it is a very inauspicious sign foretelling sorrows and rectify offer sweets [Prasad] to Lord Hanuman in a temple asking forgiveness for any mistake committed knowingly or unknowingly and also pray to Goddess Durga for forgiveness.

2.Incessant howling of a dog or a wolf points to a death in the family or the neighborhood or a misery is foretold which shall be equivalent to death. To save oneself from such calamity, offer 11 almonds and raw milk on the Shivling at a Shiva temple and recite the 'Maha Mritunjaya Jaap'and pray to Lord Shiva to grace you with his benevolence and save you from any misery.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Signs at the time of leaving for a journey

3. If your paths cross with a deceitful, cunning person, on the way, the journey would be filled with discomfort and obstacles.

4. While leaving for a journey, if your shoe slips off, it is a bad signtroubles during the journey are foretold.

5. At the time of leaving the house for a journey you stumble or fall it is advised to delay / postpone the journey.

6. If your garments get snared at the time of leaving the house for a journey, it is a very inauspicious sign.

7. If someone sneezes just as you are leaving, it is advised that the journey should be put on hold for a few minutes.

8. If a black cat crosses your path while you are leaving on a journey, it foretells failure in your cause for the journey.

9. It is inauspicious if someone calls you or questions you as to where and why you are leaving it foretells failure to the cause of the travel.

10. If a quarrel starts with a family member or amongst the family members just as you are about to leave, it is considered inauspicious and advised that the journey be postponed.

11. It is considered very inauspicious to start a journey at the time of sunset or is advisable to alter your time of journey.

12. If at the time of leaving the house on a journey, it starts to rain, there is thunder and lightning or an electricity failure, or wailing of animals is heard, it is advisable to postpone the journey for some time.

13. At the time of leaving the house if any fruit falls off your hands, any travel item or luggage is dropped / damaged / broken, it is advised that the journey should be postponed and any kind of a hurry should be avoided.

14. If someone gets hurt and starts to bleed and by chance any blood drops, it is advised to delay the trip, rest for some while and then continue with the journey.

15. If a herd of animals is seen at the time of starting a journey or you witness a herd of animals fighting.. it is very in auspicious to start a journey under such circumstances.

Always remember at the time of leaving of leaving for a journey, there should be no hurry or confusion. Auspicious and in-auspicious occasions will always be there and one should not get unnecessarily get disturbed by these signs. Always take the blessings of your elders and bid goodbye to your dear ones and also taste a bit of curd mixed with sugar, before leaving for a trip. Always organize a trip well ahead, keep a margin of time and then proceed.. even then if any inauspicious sign pointers do come across, partake a sweet from the hands of your mother, wife or sister, pray mentally to the almighty and if you do have some time on hand, take off your shoes and relax for a while and then start afresh on the journey... you will surely have a pleasant trip.

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