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Days Lucky Color

Days Lucky Color

Colour can change ur life know how…… Visit this site & learn about colors, Their effect & how they can be manipulated.

Auspicious Colurs as per the days of the week

Colors have their own beautiful world and each color signifies a special trait. They have their own significance and importance. Colors reflect our feelings. They have a significant effect on our personality and are also responsible for our mood swings from happiness to mournful and other wise. Not only this, colors also impact the fate of an individual……yes, this is absolutely true….Colors impart a positive energy and also sometimes a negative energy that effects the success or failure of our endeavors. Believers of astrology put their faith on these virtues of colors and give special importance in choosing the right color for the day and occasion.

Red Clothes
1. Sunday : Sunday is a day dedicated to the Sun-God and denotes the aura and energy of the Sun. It is believed that wearing red, dark yellow, golden, orange and pink color clothes provide the wearer with special energies. New clothes are not to be worn on a Sunday but wearing garments of the above mentioned colors gives the person a feeling of freshness, exhilaration and joy.
2.Monday : Monday is the day dedicated to the Moon. It is advised that one should wear white or silver colored or any other light shade of clothes on a Monday ; but white has its own significance and is most recommended. One should avoid wearing dark colored clothes on a Monday at all cost.
White Clothes

Mahroon Clothes
3. Tuesday : Tuesdays are dedicated to Lord Hanuman, which is why it is suggested to wear shades of red, orange, dark brown / chocolate brown for maximum benefit. Tuesdays are ruled by the planet Mars and that’s why red and maroon colors are considered very significant for this day. Wearing the mentioned dark shades imparts a unique attraction to the wearer and his /her words have a powerful impact on the listener.
4.Wednesday :Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, whose favorite is the green grass.['Druva grass']. Green has a special significance on Wednesdays. It represents the planet Mercury and wearing clothes of a green hue/shade proves to be very beneficial to the wearer. It promotes harmony and favorable working/business environment. White colored clothes can also be worn on Wednesdays.
Green Clothes
5. Thursday :Thursday is the day dedicated to Lord Brihaspati and is also dedicated to Sai Maharaj [Sai Baba].Their favorite choice of color is Yellow. Lord Brihaspati is the lord of esteem and respect and wearing yellow /golden colored clothes is in the interest of all human beings. Alternately, pink and orange shade can also be worn but the color yellow has its own significance. The days belong to those who wear the shades of yellow and gold.
6. Friday :Friday is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is ruled by the planet Venus. One should always wear clean, washed and fresh clothes on Fridays. Wearing bright, printed, colorful clothes imparts a positive energy flow .One can wear light pink, saffron colored clothes or checks and stripes as per ones liking can also be worn, for overall benefits in all fields of work.
Yellow Clothes
Colorful Clothes
Saturday :Saturdays are ruled by the Lord of law ,Lord Shani, whose favorite is the color black ,blue, dark purple and mauve and wearing clothes of these shades earns the benevolence of Lord Shani. These colors impart an enhancement in the confidence and determination level of an individual. So start wearing these dark shades as mentioned and see for yourself the mark you leave in whichever field of profession you are engaged. You will be surely successful in your endeavors.
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Friends, do not delay any further …….start your week by wearing the colors as advised and experience the new level of self confidence and energy!!!


Days Lucky Color

Auspicious Color

Fill Your Life With Colors.... Choose The Right Color For The Right Day.....Icrease Your Capacity, your Caliber and Your Share of Happiness...!!!